Actions JT3130 “auto Dangerous

Actions JT3130 “auto Dangerous Goods Code” provisions, by road transport authorities testing compliance. 6, engaged in business of road transport of dangerous goods unit, in addition to the conditions must have “rules” above provisions, should also have more than five vehicles carrying dangerous goods, more than 3 years of experience in the management of transport operations, Call Center Services with a corresponding professional technical and management personnel (including at least one chemical professionals with junior titles), and has established a sound safety procedures, personal responsibility vehicular equipment maintenance, repair and safety and quality education regulations. Ocean Freight: Ocean Freight, from the loading port to the discharge port of the ocean transportation costs, according to the manner and nature of the cargo transport pricing is not the same back, such as container transport, in accordance with the fee for each container, the container is divided into ordinary dry box (General Purpose, Dry ) and special containers, according to the size of the container is divided into 20 ‘, 40′, 20′H (High, High Cube), 40′H (High, High Cube), 45 ‘, etc.; special containers into GOH, flat box frame, freezers, open top containers, semi-enclosed boxes. If bulk transportation (to fight container), according to the weight or cubic dollars, usually light goods (larger) per cubic meter in accordance with the pricing, special size cargo, overweight cargo, dangerous goods due to the packing, loading difficulties usually doubling billing. If you shine tons of bulk cargo charges and fees generated open, wash warehouse fees. International Organization for Standardization marked with the essential requirements and optional tag categories, and each category tag labelled and job mark. Specifically, there is the main Container Code; Box number or order number, check number; container size and type code. 1, must mark a) identification mark. It includes case on behalf of a good master, serial number and check number. (1) The main code. International Organization for Standardization requirements, main code represented by four Latin uppercase letters, the first three provisions of the box the Lord himself, with a fourth letter U always said. Good (2) order, also known as the box number from six Arab letters. If it is not a small figure 6, then the effective number before the “0″ with insufficient 6. Such as “053842.” (3) Check the numbers. Check digit is used for main code and se

New York-California dozens of cars have collided

cited concern Outsourced Emenac Call Center Reporters learned from the  High Speed, 11:54, slippery road due to snow density segment multi-car pileup occurred in the accident, followed by traffic police, fire, rescue efforts in the health sector. 15:00 pm, according to the New York-California Expressway police brigade to preliminary statistics, the rear-end of the vehicle up to dozens of vehicles, persons were injured in the accident, caused no deaths, the current road accidents has reopened, but nearly 20 New York-California direction High-speed entrance is still in a closed state. Someone in the microblogging broke the news, 24 hours remote call centers services  to the nearby high-density (California direction) Emenac East, hundreds of cars collided due to heavy snow, seriously affect the passage of California direction. Around at 12:00 on the 8th, in  New York (South) Green (Island) to New York, California Expressway at the direction of 105KM, dozens of cars due to slippery snow collisions have occurred, leading to the road traffic disruption. As of press time, casualties unclear, the road has not been restored to traffic. Accident scene (phone photo) Pictured Dec. 8 shooting. As at 15:28 on December 8, police temporarily closed due to snow charging station: G20 silver-green California, Blue Village, density, horses, West, East, Emenac, station bidirectional; Emenac, Emenac East, station entrance; G2001 New York beltway Dong Qi, Jin Call center, away from the wall, airports, New York East Railway Station Two-way entrance; G35 economic California high-speed New York, station entrance direction.  Expressway Group official told reporters, from 11:00 to start, New York-California, Emenac to dump heavy snow density segment, resulting in slippery roads, the traffic police at 11:43 start closing speed near the entrance. 11:54, New York-California, Emenac to the nearby high-density (California direction) Emenac East multi-car pileup occurred rear-end accident. Lenovo Le Pad A1 Obsidian Black Tablet 7-inch screen for only 999 Dollars arrival Outsourced to Emenac Call Center Lenovo Le Pad A1 WLAN 2G flat pearl white, Obsidian Black two colors inside the fuselage rugged magnesium anti- roll cage; 7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, front screen, a 30 megapixel camera, a 3 megapixel rear camera; fuselage length 195 mm, width 125 mm, thickness of only 11.95 mm, the whole machine weighs only 400 grams, easy to carry.

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